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Text Summarizer

This Text summarizer shortens the text while preserving all the main points that the text contains.

Our AI-based paragraph summarizer ensures accuracy and maintains the original context while summarizing the text.

You can generate a summary of every type of content, whether an essay or a blog post.

This free text summarizing tool shows the word count of the content entered in the input box. You can check the word count before and after the summarization.

 🛰️ AI-Based Summarize text with state-of-the-art AI 
 🌏 Supports 06 Different Languages
 📋 Results Summary in Bullets & One Line

How to summarize a text?

To summarize your text with our AI summarizer, follow the below steps:

  1. Type a text in the input box or upload a file.
  2. Verify the reCAPTCHA.
  3. Click on the "Summarize Now" button to generate a summary.

When you are done summarizing the text, you can:

Download the file:

Click on the "Download" button and get the summary in .docx format.

Copy the summarized text:

You can also copy the summarized text to the clipboard and paste it anywhere you want.

Clear text:

After downloading or copying the summary, click on the "Clear" button to start a new session and generate another summary.

  • Set summarization length
  • Show in bullets
  • Show the best line
  • Original article meanings preservation
  • Total Safety
  • Basic understanding
human understanding summary

Set Summary Length

You can manually set summary length with the help of the scroll bar located at the top right of the input box.

After specifying the length, this summary tool generates the summary of your academic writing according to the specified length.

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Shows Bullets And Best Lines

We are providing an option to add bullets in summary. Click on the "Show bullets" button and this article summarizer generate a summary of the research article in the form of sentences separated by bullet points.

Else you can get your summary in the form of a paragraph.

By selecting the "Best line" option, our summary generator crawls the entire content and gets back with the best line of content.

human understanding summary

Offer Multiple Languages

You can get a summary in various languages offered by this online text summarizer. Before summarization, there is no need to translate the original text into a specific language.

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Why Our summarizer Is Best?

Features that make this text summarizer one of the best online tools are:

summarizer advance features

How Does This Summarizing Tool Work?

Our summarizing tool uses an AI-based algorithm that firstly detects the best sentences from the paragraph and understands the text then proceeds to summarize the content.

After selecting the best lines from the text, Algorithm gives a score to each selected line based on its accuracy, structure, optimization, quality, length, and other technical factors. Based on the score, the Text Summarizer understands the importance of each line and compares it with the rest of the text.

By using the important and other algorithms, this text summarizer summarizes the text according to its main concept. The user gets the final result completely error-free, which makes the exact sense as the original text.

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