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Active Passive Voice Converter

Active passive voice converter is an AI-supported online tool that is designed to help you easily convert active to passive voice and passive into active voice. Our tool is useful for refining your content readability and sentence variation.

How to Use the Active to Passive Voice Converter?

Using our active to passive voice converter and vice versa needs just a few simple steps:

Features of the Active Passive Voice Converter

There are multiple useful features of the passive to active voice converter tool. Some of them are given below:

The active voice to passive voice converter has a simple interface that is easier to navigate. You can transform the voice of your sentences without any hassle.

Our active and passive voice converter uses advanced AI technology. It helps the tool to accurately understand the context and structure of your text and convert its voice without harming the actual meaning.

Active passive voice converter offers a unique feature to customize output length. For this, you have four options that are; Elaborate, Expand Slightly, Slightly Shorten, and Greatly Reduce.

The active to passive voice converter is capable of converting multiple active voice sentences into passive and vice versa, at the same time.

With the active to passive converter, you can “Copy” the output or “Download” it to your device.

Who Can Use Active to Passive and Passive to Active Voice Converter?

There are multiple types of users that can use our passive to active voice converter:

Purposes of Using Active Voice and Passive Voice

Uses of Active Voice

Active voice is used to;

Uses of Passive Voice

Passive voice is used for:

Examples of Active to Passive Voice Conversion

Here are some basic examples of active to passive voice conversion done by our tool:

The teacher explained the lesson.

The lesson was explained by the teacher.

He ran fast in the race.

Fast running was done by him in the race.

The farmer is planting crops.

Crops are being planted by the farmer.

Birds sing in the morning.

In the morning, singing is done by birds.


1. How to convert active and passive voice?

You can use our active passive voice converter to convert your active into passive and passive into active voice. All you need to do is paste your text into the tool, set voice, and run the tool. It will instantly convert your text voice.

2. Why do we convert active voice to passive voice?

Active voice is changed into passive to divert focus from the subject or doer to the object on which the action is done.

3. Can I change active to passive freely?

Yes, you can freely change your active sentences to passive ones with our active and passive voice converter.

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