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Overview of the As A Toolkit

Overview of the As A Toolkit

Overview of the As A Toolkit is an online toolkit that provides multiple writing tools. The tools offered by the platform include a Paraphrase tool, AI Summarizer, AI Essay Generator, AI Story Generator, and Conclusion Generator.

All of them are based on the most advanced AI systems. In this post, we are going to explore all the tools of the toolkit. We will explain their key features and uses. Let us have a comprehensive overview of as a toolkit.

Overview of Different Tools Offered by As A Toolkit offers a suite of AI tools to save you time with text analysis. Here's an overview of what's included:

1. AI Summarizer

The AI Summarizer is an online tool that works to summarize or condense writing, without changing the original meaning. The summarizer uses AI models to understand the key points of writing and write summaries around them.

Ways to Use the AI Summarizer

You can use the text summarizer in the following ways:

  • You can write summaries of your writings with the tool.
  • The tool can help you write effective introductions and strong endings for your content.
  • You can make your writing concise by removing unnecessary details with the tool.

A Real-Time Use of the AI Summarizer:

“We Summarized the below paragraph with the help of the AI Summarizer to check the functionality of the tool.”


The secret to obtaining longevity and general well-being is forming good habits. A healthy lifestyle consists mostly of stress management, enough sleep, a balanced diet, and regular exercise.

Summarized Text:

“Key to longevity: good habits. Stress management, sleep, diet, exercise.”


You can see the process in the below image:

AI summarizer


Innovative Features of the AI Text Summarizer

Here are the innovative features of the AI Summarizer:

  • Accurate: It uses advanced technology to summarize text accurately.
  • Summary length: You can adjust the summary length with the tool’s percentage bar.
  • Show the Best Line: It can provide you with the best line of your content.
  • Multiple Modes: The tool provides two modes e. AI Summarizer and AI Summarizer 2.0.
  • Multilingual: The tool can summarize content pieces of different languages.

2. AI Paraphrase Tool

The AI Paraphrase Tool restates or rephrases a given writing into a new and unique form. The working mechanism of the tool is powered with the help of artificial intelligence.

When a text or writing is passed through the tool, it uses advanced language models to understand the actual context of the input.

After that, the AI Paraphrasing tool rephrases writing by making different changes such as:

  • Replacing original words and phrases with new ones.
  • Changing the actual sentence structure.
  • Rearranging words and phrases.

Uses of the Paraphrase Tool

Below are the ways through which you can use the Paraphrase Tool:

  • You can use it to transform duplicated or plagiarized content into unique
  • The tool is useful to simplify complex writing.
  • You can write multiple versions of content with the paraphrasing tool.
  • The tool helps improve the vocabulary of students and writers.
  • With the help of the paraphraser, you can turn casual or general writing into engaging and professional.

Practical Use of the Tool:

We paraphrased the below writing with the help of the Paraphrase Tool.

Original Writing:

“Advancements in technology are continuously changing and improving the living standard as well as the style of people. They are turning points that expand the realm of human possibilities.”


Paraphrased Writing:

"Advances in technology are constantly changing and improving people's living standards and styles. They are turning points that widen the range of human possibilities."


Image Showing the Paraphrasing by the tool:

ai paraphrasing tool


Key Features of the Paraphrasing Tool

Here are the key features offered by the Paraphrase Tool:

  • AI Tech: The tool uses advanced AI algorithms.
  • Multiple Modes: It provided four different paraphrasing modes.
  • Highlight Changes: The tool highlights all the changes in the output.
  • Free to Use: It is free to use.

3. AI Essay Generator

The AI Essay Generator generates high-quality essays. To use the tool, you need to provide an essay topic or keyword and run the tool. It will utilize AI to understand the provided prompts and write relevant, engaging, and clear essays.

Effective Ways to Use the AI Essay Maker

Here are some effective ways to utilize the AI Essay Generator for different purposes:

  • You can use the essay writer to learn or write several types of essays.
  • Using the tool, you can collect references for your essays.
  • You can use the tool to brainstorm your ideas about the essay topic.

Practical Use of the AI Essay Generator:

We wrote a Persuasive Essay with the tool, for the below topic.

Essay Topic:

“Exploring the Role of Education in Economic Development”

Pictorial Demo of the Essay Generated by the Tool:

ai essay writer


Main Features of the AI Essay Generator

Below are the primary features of the AI Essay Generator offered by

  • Essay Type: The tool can write essays in five unique styles.
  • Essay Length: You can generate essays of different lengths such as Short, Medium, and Long.
  • Add References: Enabling this feature will make the tool list references of some matching studies.
  • Bypass AI: It is a premium feature that ensures that the generated essays are free of AI detection and machine-generated language.

4. AI Story Generator

The AI Story Generator is an online tool that uses the power of AI to automatically generate compelling and unique stories. As the tool uses state-of-the-art technology, it can write creative narratives for every type of prompt (Simple to Complex).

Uses of AI Story Generating Tool

You can use the AI Story Generator to:

  • Generate unique stories.
  • Learn several types of stories.
  • Draft multiple stories for a single topic.

And so on…

Practical Example:

To show the functionality of the AI Story Generator, we wrote a Humorous story with the tool around the below topic.


"The Case of the Missing Socks".


Demo of the Story Generated by the Tool:

ai story generator


Key Features of the AI Story Generator

The following are the key features of the AI Story Generator:

  • Story Types: The story writer can generate multiple types of stories.
  • Set Creativity: Using this feature, you can set the creativity level of the stories.
  • Story Length: You can set story lengths such as Short, Medium, and Long.

5. Conclusion Generator

A conclusion generator is an online tool that automatically writes a conclusion for a given content. It uses “Large Language Models” and “AI” to find the main points and write conclusions around them.

For Example:

We provided a sample content to the tool and ran it to generate a conclusion.

Pictorial Demo of the Tool:

ai conclusion generator


Features of the Conclusion Generator

Here are the prominent features of the conclusion generator tool:

  • It uses advanced language models to generate accurate conclusions.
  • The generator provides multiple upload options.
  • Provides the option to download or copy the conclusions.

6. AI Sentence Generator

AI Sentence Generator is an AI-supported online tool that is designed to help you generate different types of sentences around your keyword or topic.

When a keyword or topic is passed through the tool, it uses advanced language models to generate sentences that are unique, compelling, clear, and relevant to the provided input.

A Real-Time Use of the AI Sentence Generator tool:

“We ran the tool to write sentences around the below prompt.”


“Health Benefits”

The Sentences Generated by the Tool:

  • "Promoting overall well-being Exploring the numerous health benefits of a balanced lifestyle."
  • "Boosting vitality: Discovering the positive impacts of a healthy diet and exercise on our physical and mental health."
  • "Improving quality of life Understanding the advantages of maintaining a healthy lifestyle and the positive effects it has on our daily well-being."

Pictorial Demo:

ai sentence generator

Main Features of the AI Sentence Generator

Here are the main features of the AI sentence generator:

  • AI Models: It uses advanced AI and large language models to understand every type of prompt and write accurate sentences.
  • Writing Styles: It can generate sentences of different writing styles such as; Innovative Visionary, Conservative, Imaginative, and Inspired.
  • High Quality: The AI sentence generator always provides high-quality sentences that are unique, engaging, clear, and contextually correct.
  • Multiple Variants: The AI sentence maker can write multiple variants (up to 10) of sentences for a single prompt.

Conclusion is an advanced toolkit that provides multiple AI-based online tools. In the above post, we explained all these tools with their features, uses, and functions. Whether you are a student, writer, marketer, or blogger, these tools can be used for multiple purposes.

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